Guy Tritton

Year called: 1987

Mediation & Arbitration: Mediator

Public Access: Instructions accepted

Intellectual Property
“He is a devastating cross-examiner.” “He is very thorough and is a great tactician.” “He is really good at handling clients and good at explaining things in a non-legal and commercial way.” Chambers & Partners 2022
“Guy provides assertive advice with confident opinions. A go-to barrister for all types of IP work, with a particular focus on trade mark and copyright issues.” Legal 500 2022

Media & Entertainment
“Has a wide-ranging intellectual property practice encompassing patent litigation, complex trade mark infringement cases and copyright disputes.” Chambers & Partners 2021

“Huge attention to detail and a thorough understanding of the law” Legal 500 2021

Information Technology
Guy is extremely responsive; a good team player; pragmatic; excellent experience knowledge and understanding of IT-related issues having himself been a programmer – this knowledge and experience has been very helpful in our case and sets him apart from many peers. Legal 500 2022

“He has a friendly manner and the ability to judge accurately the strengths and weaknesses of a case.’ Legal 500 2021


Guy is an experienced intellectual property practitioner with a substantial and broad practice ranging from patents, copyright, designs through to franchising, competition law and commercial disputes. He has appeared in most tribunals including the High Court, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court, Court of Justice of European Union, European Patent Office, the Trade Mark Registry, VAT Tribunal and Crown Court.

He has a strong scientific background having read physics and computing at University. He has even written a solicitors’ discovery programme and a chambers’ fee billing programme as well as a complex 3 dimensional graphic modelling programme (in the days when this was cutting edge!)

He has been involved in many reported cases ranging from complex patent disputes through to VAT cases. He relishes being involved in cases which require cross-disciplinal skills believing that one can be too specialized. This has resulted in him being involved in a leading VAT case in the High Court. Yet, he is as proud of those cases where he has achieved a good result for his client without needing to go to court.

He is widely regarded as having a very hands-on and commercial attitude to cases. In early years, he had an extensive criminal practice which honed his advocacy skills. He is now a Grade A Inner Temple Advocacy Teacher and his skills as a cross-examiner have often been remarked upon (see Testimonial & Directory Quotes).

He is the chief author of Intellectual Property in Europe (5th edition, March 2020, Thomson Reuters), a book often cited in Advocate-General’s Opinions and is the text book in several European universities. For more information see

Guy has an enviable track record as a mediator having settled every case bar one in the last five years. This includes successfully mediating a heavy music publishing and bitter dispute between a famous living composer and a leading music publisher which took place over two days. He has also sat as an arbitrator in an IT licensing dispute.

He is the Chairman of the Code of Practice Committee of National Office Animal Health – a post whose predecessors have been Mr Justice Laddie, Lord Kitchin and Lord Justice Arnold!

He is Director of Complaints, British Specialist Nutrition Association.

He lectures frequently around Europe trying the delicate task of weaving humour with topical IP issues.

He is consistently recommended in Chambers and Partners and Legal 500 for intellectual property, media and entertainment, and information technology.

He is also involved in a number of start-up technology and fashion businesses where he sits on the board advising on IP aspects.


Directory & Testimonial Quotes

Chambers & Partners 2022
Intellectual Property:
“He is a devastating cross-examiner.” “He is very thorough and is a great tactician.” “He is really good at handling clients and good at explaining things in a non-legal and commercial way.”

Chambers & Partners 2021
Intellectual Property:
“A highly responsive barrister with excellent client service skills, who stands out for his knowledge of pan-European trade mark matters. He is well practised in the handling of registered design, copyright and parallel import matters.”
Media & Entertainment: “Has a wide-ranging intellectual property practice encompassing patent litigation, complex trade mark infringement cases and copyright disputes.”

Chambers & Partners 2020
Intellectual Property: 
“A capable advocate who is very good with clients.”
Media & Entertainment: “He provides considered and intelligent advice, and is a convincing advocate.”

Chambers & Partners 2019
​Intellectual Property: “He is very commercial and grounded, and always knows the key points that will interest the court.” “Helped by his scientific background, he quickly reaches the nub of the issue and is very strategic.”​
​Media & Entertainment: “He’s a forceful advocate who is very effective in court.”

Chambers & Partners 2018
Intellectual Property: “He has an air of authority that makes you feel instantly reassured.”  “He is very client-friendly, always makes himself available and he is extremely impressive in cross-examinations.”
Media & Entertainment“Provides great strategic input, always has a commercial focus and gives top-class legal advice.”

Chambers & Partners 2017
Intellectual Property: “He is a very forthright, direct and commercial barrister”
Media & Entertainment: “He is highly experienced and a fantastic advocate. He is excellent at client management and has a calm authority about him whatever the situation”

Chambers & Partners 2016
Intellectual Property: “Fluent, dedicated and a powerful advocate.”

Chambers & Partners 2014
Acts for clients in a variety of trade mark, passing off, copyright and related soft IP cases.  He is noted in particular for his “excellent commercial judgement” and knowledge of the area. “He’s a very strong advocate who is an inventive thinker.  He has great knowledge, is user-friendly and is impressive on his feet”

Chambers & Partners 2013
Guy Tritton is “excellent” at covering all aspects of trade mark matters and further has an excellent command of other IP rights.  A “great cross-examiner” with knowledge and experience of commercial and contract law generally.   He is a valued member of any litigation team.

Chambers & Partners 2011
Guy is “Friendly and responsive and quick to turn things around.”  He has a wide practice that includes IP, IT and commercial work and is noted as “a fine all-rounder who is able to see the bigger picture.”

Legal 500 2022
Intellectual Property:
“Guy provides assertive advice with confident opinions. A go-to barrister for all types of IP work, with a particular focus on trade mark and copyright issues.”

Legal 500 2021
Media & Entertainment:
“Huge attention to detail and a thorough understanding of the law”

Legal 500 2020
Intellectual Property: 
‘”A convincing advocate, with the ability to analyse both sides of the argument.”
Media & Entertainment:  “He has impressive oratorical and advocacy abilities.”

Legal 500 2019
Intellectual Property:“He has a great understanding of trade mark and copyright law and offers sensible counsel on strategic issues.”
Media & Entertainment: “He offers sensible counsel on strategic issues.”
Information Technology: ​“A very thorough, dogged advocate.”

Legal 500 2017
Intellectual Property: “His strategic input shows great ‘big-picture’ awareness and he is looking three steps ahead”
Information Technology: “He has real presence in the courtroom and advocates with great authority.”

Legal 500 2016
Intellectual Property“Forthright, assertive and direct – he does not pull his punches”
Information Technology: “He really penetrates beneath the surface and grasps all the fine detail.”

Legal 500 2015
Intellectual Property: “A team player and a very impressive advocate, particularly in cross-examination.”
Information Technology “A convincing advocate”

Legal 500 2013
Intellectual Property: “Guy Tritton is “highly regarded” and has “an excellent grasp of litigation tactics”

Legal 500 2011
Intellectual Property: Guy “has very good commercial nous and a certain instinct for choosing the right strategy for a case”
Information Technology: Guy “is persistent in pursuing his clients’ interests”

Recommended in Chambers & Partners and Legal 500 for IP and IT.

“excellent at cross-examination and has a good grasp of E U competition law” (Chambers & Partners)
“a savvy operator with an amazing brain” (Chambers & Partners)
“electronics IT fanatic” with “eye for detail and consistent view throughout a case” (Chambers & Partners)
“bullish presence in court and excellent delivery” (Chambers & Partners)
“you very ably won the skirmishes of the barristers certainly with the witnesses concerned” (grateful client following successful trial)
“He out thought them, out witted them, out talked them, out negotiated them” (testimonial from grateful client following successful mediation)
“Although the time you had to consult the many documents was very short, your grasp of the case was outstanding” (grateful client after plagiarism trial)

World Trade Mark Review 2017

“… he is substantively knowledgeable as they come and particularly adept on soft /IP issues”


Member of Hogarth Chambers since 2001.


Semtech  Corp v Lacuna  and others [2021] FSR 30 – (Pat) (jurisdiction, misuse of confidential information and copyright infringement, French employees)

Software Solutions Limited v 365 Health and Wellbeing LImited [2021] FSR 25 – (IPEC, software copyright infringement action)

Cinkciarz v EUIPO [2020] ETMR 42 – (General Court, trade mark)

Hewlett Packard v Manchester Technologies Data (Holdings) Limited [2019] EWHC 2300 – (search order, imaging of computers, inspection)

Beverly Hills Teddy Bear v PMs [2020] FSR 11 – (design right, disclosure outside EU, reference to CJEU)

Beko v EUIPO [2019] ETMR 24 – (General Court, trade mark)

Dansac and ors v Salts Healthcare and ors [2019] ETMR 25 -( trade marks, parallel imports)

Graffica v University of Birmingham [2018] EWHC 2683 – (High Court, computer software)

Apple v Pear Technologies [2019] ETMR 26 – (General Court, trade marks)

Apple v APO [2019] ETMR 1 – (General Court)

Apple v Massive Bionics [2017] ETMR 38 – (General Court)

T-893/16 Apple v Xiaomi – (General Court, Dec 2017)

UPL v AgchemAccess [2017] EWHC 1880 – (large scale commercial dispute, agrochemical)

Epoch v Character Options [2017] FSR 42 – (patent infringement/validity, Patents Court)

Soulcycle v Matalan [2017] EWHC 496 – (trade mark appeal, High Court)

Future Enterprise v EUIPO (MACCOFFEE) [2016] ETMR 41 – (General Court)

Dalsouple v Dalsouple [2015] ETMR 8 – (trade marks, invalidity proceedings, meaning of consent in art.4(5) Directive (High Court).

Wearn v HNH [2014] EWHC 3542 -abuse of process, music industry, breach of contract (High Court).

Pendle Metalwares Walter Page [2014] EWHC 1140 -damages inquiry, design right infringement, additional damages (High Court).

Volkswagen v Garcia [2014] FSR 12 -confidential information, freedom of expression, interim injunctions, mathematical algorithms (High Court).

McNeil v OHIM (NICORETTE/NICORONO) -General Court, EU.

Brigade v Amber Valley [2013] EWPCC 16 -patent infringement and validity.

Seven Arts v Content Media Corp plc [2013] EWHC 588 -copyright, films, issue estoppel, privity by estate, assignment (High Court).

Oracle (Sun Microsystems) v M-Tech Data Ltd [2012] 1 W.L.R. 202 -parallel imports, free movement of goods, trade marks (Supreme Court).


Intellectual Property Bar Association

Chancery Bar Association;

Bar European Group;

Competition Law Association;

Intellectual Property Lawyers Association;

Computer and Law Society.


Qualifications and Regulations


BSc Natural Science (physics, computing, mathematics)
Diploma in Law (postgraduate)
Pegasus Scholar
Grade A Advocacy Trainer



Guy is a self-employed, independent barrister whose practice is governed by the Code of Conduct of the Bar of England and Wales. He is registered with the Bar Standards Board of England and Wales (Bar Ref: 22275)

He has professional indemnity insurance provided by the Bar Mutual Indemnity Fund (BMIF Ref: 2190/037). Please refer to the BMIF website  for full details of the world-wide cover provided, and the BMIF’s contact details.




Chief Author of Tritton on Intellectual Property in Europe  (5th edn, March 2020) and which is a core IP publication on Westlaw (see here for more details on this) .



Chairman of Code of Practice Committee, National Office of Animal Health.

Director of Complaints, British Specialist Nutrition Association

Visiting Lecturer, Maastricht University

Visiting Lecturer, CEIPI, Strasbourg


Human Interest

Married, 3 children. Keen jazz pianist often playing at receptions, restaurants, parties.

Chairman of Rhino Ark (UK) – an environmental charity operating in the Aberdare National Park, Kenya.

Sits on the board of a number of tech companies.

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