Re: EP ‘375 and others

Represented the patentee upholding the validity of four electro-mechanical patents previously hel

QR Sciences Ltd v BTG International [2005] FSR 43

Patent – Licence Agreement – Obligation to assign prior patents prior to abandonment

Sun Microsystems Inc v Amtec Computer Corporation [2006] F.S.R. 35

The extent of the remedies available and, in particular, the appropriate scope of injunctions in

Laboratories Servier v Apotex Europe

A series of cases relating to a patent covering perindopril eg (2007) EWHC 1318 issuers were inte

R v Woolworths [2007] F.S.R. 19

Successful defence of retailer against trade mark prosecution.

National Starch & Ors v H B Fuller Licensing

Misc adhesive packaging patent EPO Oppositions & Appeals 2004-2008 – Novelty; Inventive