We are one of the leading Chambers for patents with both silks and a wide range of junior barristers working in this field.

Many of our members have high-profile scientific and engineering backgrounds and have worked on some of the most important cases across the fields of: cryptocurrency, biotechnology, IT, programming, chemical engineering, physics, mechanical, technological, telecommunications, construction, marine, aeronautics, medical, communications and many more

Richard Davis is the general editor and Jamie Muir Wood and Sam Carter co-edit leading publication:

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Nick Caddick QC
Alistair Wilson QC
Roger Wyand QC
Andrew Norris QC
Jeremy Reed QC
Gillian Davies
Michael Hicks
Guy Tritton
Richard Davis
Nick Zweck
Tom St Quintin
Ben Longstaff
Jonathan Moss
Jamie Muir Wood
Sam Carter
Ed Cronan