Anthony Franklin SC

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Anthony Franklin SC is a silk in South Africa and in Australia and is also a member of the London bar.  In 2004/5 he was a tenant of Hogarth Chambers.  He returned to Australia at the end of 2005, where he is now based although he continues to accept briefs in South Africa and the UK.  He is a member of Four St James (barristers’ chambers in Sydney) and is a door tenant of Hogarth Chambers in London and The Island Group in Johannesburg.

Legal Practice includes all forms of intellectual property (patents, copyright, designs, trade marks and passing off), with extensive experience in three jurisdictions.  He has patent experience in diverse fields including pharmaceutical (biotech and organic chemistry), agrochemicals, explosives, engineering (mechanical, electrical and mining) and consumer goods such as nappies.

South Africa – Called 1982. Silk (S.C.) 1996.

Intellectual Property practice, predominantly patents (e.g. between 1991 and 1997 appeared in 60 of a total of 84 reported patent cases).  Also trade marks, copyright, designs and plant breeders’ rights cases.  Retained by the BSA, the MPAA and (during the 1995 Rugby World Cup) Rugby World Cup Ltd.

Australia – Called 1998. Silk (S.C.) 2003.

Intellectual Property (patents, copyright, trade marks, and designs) and Trade Practices practice, with some general commercial work.

United Kingdom – Called 2002 (Lincoln’s Inn).

Practised full-time in Hogarth Chambers – 2004-2005. Intellectual Property practice (patents, copyright, trade marks, and designs).