Reviews of Moral Rights by Gillian Davies and Kevin Garnett QC

Praise for Moral Rights:

“This book is a tour de force. It covers practically every possible issue arising from the various moral rights and is not just a one-stop-shop but a springboard from which the reader can reach out to different legal traditions, technologies and cultures and learn more than he or she ever imagined to exist on the subject.”

Jeremy Phillips, The 1709 Blog

“This is an excellent and engaging book; every serious copyright lawyer should have a copy.”

Ronan Deazley in Entertainment Law Review

“Moral Rights is, in short, a very comprehensive picture of the origin and development of the laws protecting authors and performers.”

Mark Daniels in European Intellectual Property Review

“In short, this book may well become a blueprint for future works in many areas.”

Guido Westkamp in Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property