AIM Sport v Supponor [2023] EWHC 164 (Pat)

AIM Sport v Supponor [2023] EWHC 164 (Pat) – Edward acted for AIM Sport in their successful patent infringement claim against Supponor. Mr Justice Meade found AIM Sport’s patent to be both valid […]

Nokia v OPPO & OnePlus

Nokia v OPPO & OnePlus [2022] EWHC 2814 (Pat) – Edward acted for Nokia, who were successful in the first UK trial of this multinational patent dispute. Nokia proved their EP560 LTE implementation patent […]

Neurim v Teva [2022] EWHC 954 (Pat)

Edward acted for Teva in successfully resisting an application by Neurim and Flynn Pharma for an interim injunction to restrain Teva’s dealing in its generic prolonged-release Melatonin pharmaceutical product. Led by Charlotte May […]

Commscope v SOLiD Technologies [2022] EWHC 769 (Pat) 

Edward acted for the successful defendant, SOLiD technologies, in this patent trial relating to digital DAS technologies for point to multipoint distribution of RF telecommunications over fibre optic cables. The patent in suit […]

Advanced Bionics v MED-EL

Advanced Bionics v MED-EL Edward Cronan acted for Advanced Bionics in this medical industry claim for a DNI and for revocation of a patent relating to an MRI-compatible cochlear implant system. Led by […]

Nokia Technologies v OnePlus Technology

UK Patents Court: Overseas Defendants no exception to commitment to 12 month trial timetable In ongoing patent infringement proceedings between Nokia and the phone manufacturer Oppo the Patents Court has demonstrated that it […]

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