Hogarth Chambers will be taking applications in 2024 for Pupillage commencing in September 2025.

Applications should be made through the Pupillage Gateway .
Queries should be directed to admin@hogarthchambers.com

All of our pupils see the full range of Chambers’ work, which includes intellectual property of all kinds, media and entertainment, IT and a range of Chancery/commercial work.  We take the view that it is important for pupils to have exposure to a wide variety of work during their pupillage, to give them a thorough grounding, not just in intellectual property rights but also in related fields, and so that they experience the full range of instances and procedures.

During their 12 months with us, pupils usually sit with four pupil supervisors. They may also sit with other members of Chambers either for a short period or for the duration of an interesting case. Pupils will undertake internal advocacy exercises at regular intervals. Pupils also take part in Chambers’ regular internal focus group meetings, at which we discuss recent developments in the law.

Pupils are encouraged to attend hearings, when available, at the European Patent Office in Munich and the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg. We reimburse travel and accommodation expenses for these attendances.

It is important to us that pupils feel that they are obtaining the maximum benefit from spending a year at Hogarth.  Members of the Pupillage Committee regularly meet with pupils to review their progress and address any concerns in confidence.

For pupils starting a 12-month pupillage, Chambers will offer a pupillage award of £75,000, consisting of £50,000 award and £25,000 in guaranteed earnings.

During this period, any money earned (whether or not received) by a pupil in one month will be deducted from the monthly sum paid by Chambers for the following month. No clerks’ fees or chambers expenses will be payable in respect of any such earnings.

Pupils may be permitted to draw down up to £10,000 in advance to help cover their expenses during their Bar Professional Training Course if undertaken in the year before the start of pupillage, subject to agreeing to repay any such sums if they do not take up the pupillage in September 2021. Any sums drawn down will be deducted from the award monthly over the 12-month period.

In addition to the pupillage award, Chambers will pay for all obligatory training courses during pupillage.

How to Apply

All applications must be made through the Pupillage Gateway.

For more information, please visit: www.pupillagegateway.com.

Selection Criteria

When determining applications for pupillage, we take into consideration the following:

  • Intellectual ability
  • Ability to communicate orally and on paper
  • Interest in and desire to succeed at the Bar/Hogarth

Hogarth seeks pupils with an excellent academic background, who can demonstrate an ability to communicate clearly and persuasively both orally and on paper and show an interest in the work undertaken by Hogarth Chambers.  As part of the above, we take into account further and higher degrees, participation in debates or moots, authorship of articles, and lecturing or tutoring activity, mini-pupillages at Hogarth, practical experience in commerce or industry and other legal experience.  Outside interests and abilities are also important.


There are usually two rounds of interviews. Both rounds will include a discussion of a legal case study.


We offer a competitive pupillage award for a 12-month pupillage, of which a proportion may be drawn down during the BPTC year to assist with your funding.  Any sum drawn down during the BPTC year may, in the discretion of Hogarth Chambers, be recoverable if you do not proceed with your pupillage.

If you feel that your circumstances mean that this process will be beyond your financial means there is discretionary funding operated by Lincoln’s Inn that you might be able to access. Please see details: Funding – Lincoln’s Inn

3rd Six

In exceptional circumstances, applications for 3rd six-month pupillages will be considered.  Applications may be made at any time, by covering letter together with a CV. Such applications should be addressed to admin@hogarthchambers.com and marked “3rd Six Pupillage”.

Equal Opportunities

  • Chambers is firmly committed to equality and diversity in all aspects of chambers’ operation and management.  This includes taking positive action where appropriate to increase our diversity.
  • We have a written policy setting out our commitment, which is regularly reviewed.
  • Members and staff receive equality and diversity training.  This covers both legal obligations and good practice in relation to all equality strands, including age, disability, gender, race, religion or belief and sexual orientation.