Copinger and Skone James on Copyright (17th Edition, March 2016) edited by Gillian Davies, Nicholas Caddick QC and Gwilym Harbottle

Not just a classic, Copinger is the only up-to-date practitioner’s text on copyright. Its senior editors, Gillian Davies Nicholas Caddick QC and Gwilym Harbottle, are all members of Hogarth Chambers. Other members (Thomas St. Quintin, Benjamin Longstaff and Charlotte Scott) also contribute to the work.

Volume 1 provides a thorough and definitive analysis of EU and UK legislation and case law on copyright, performers’ rights, unregistered designs and related topics, including expert commentary on all relevant judicial decisions at every level. All the major rights are comprehensively explained and analysed both from a historical perspective and by reference to the current law.  The book also contains a detailed and practical guide to the various remedies available and a full account of the control and exploitation of these rights. There is also extensive expert coverage and discussion of the international treaties on copyright and related rights. Copinger is regularly cited and referred to in court decisions and elsewhere.

Volume 2 reproduces  key statutory UK, European and international materials in one handy location, together with the texts of repealed provisions to enable the user to track the history of the present law.

“Anybody seriously interested in copyright law must have access to this new edition of Copinger; it is comprehensive, detailed, well-reasoned, and accurate…One can always be confident, however, that the editors ofCopinger will provide some of the best commentary that is on the market.”    Phillip Johnson Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice, 2011, Vol. 6, No.11

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