Tritton on Intellectual Property in Europe (6th Edition 2022) by Guy Tritton

Guy Tritton has just released the 6th edition of ‘Tritton on Intellectual Property in Europe’

This has become one of Thomson Reuters Westlaw and Sweet&Maxwell’s core intellectual property books and is available electronically on WestLaw.

This edition focusses on European IP law with EU IP law being centre stage. It also keeps an eagle eye on any departures from EU IP law that United Kingdom has taken or is proposing to take. So far, invitations to UK courts to depart from EU IP case law have fallen on deaf ears (eg InTune on “communication to the public”) and thus UK and EU IP law remains very similar.

The book is aimed at both graduates, academics and practitioners. It is a weighty tome running to 1446 pages of pure commentary and footnotes, the Trade Marks chapter alone runs to 334 pages.

It has become a core book in universities with it being the course book in for Maastricht University’s Advanced Master Intellectual Property Law course and continues to be cited by Advocate-Generals in Court of Justice cases. For those interested in the main updates to the 5th edition (and there are many), have a look at the link below.