Tritton on Intellectual Property in Europe (2020) by Guy Tritton

Tritton on Intellectual Property in Europe is a comprehensive and detailed guide to intellectual property in Europe. It was first published in 1995, and is currently in its 5th edition (2018) with the first supplement issued in 2020. The 6th edition will be published in early 2022. It is published by Thomson Reuters. It is a core IP book of Thomson Reuters (Sweet and Maxwell) and is thus digitised for online use via Westlaw UK.

The chief author is Guy Tritton with contributions from co-authors Tom St Quintin, Ben Longstaff and Richard Davis of Hogarth Chambers.

The book has been extensively cited by Advocate-Generals in their Opinions with suggestions in the book being adopted by the CJEU in several important IP cases.

The foreword to the 5th edition was written by Professor Anselm Kamperman Sanders, Professor of Intellectual Property Law at Maastricht University who says “it still towers above other titles in this field”. 

It was reviewed in 2021 by the Law Society Gazette as “beautifully structured” and “In short, the book surpasses even the highest expectations, offering an analysis-rich, practical assessment of the current IP landscape in Europe“. The review can be seen here. See also review by IPKat in Feb 2021 here

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