Website blocking injunctions – streamripping and cyberlocker sites blocked pursuant to s.97A CDPA jurisdiction

In Young Turks Recordings Limited v BT an ors [2021] EWHC 410 (Ch.) and Capitol Records and ors v BT and ors [2021] EWHC 409 (Ch), the High Court issued s.97A CDPA 1988 “website blocking” injunctions.

Young Turks concerned a “streamripping” site which encouraged and assisted users to “convert” streamed copyright works on YouTube into permanent downloads (including providing users with an app). Capital Records concerned a major “cyberlocker” site which encouraged and rewarded users for uploading infringing material and to share unlawfully links to it.

In both cases, the High Court held that the operators and users of the site infringed sound recording rights and ordered ISPs such as BT to block access to these sites under the s.97A CDPA 1988 jurisdiction.

The judgments can be found here (Young Turks) and here (Capitol Records)

Gwilym Harbottle acted for the Claimants led by Edmund Cullen QC of Maitland Chambers instructed by BPI and DLA Piper UK LLP.