Nokia v OPPO & OnePlus

Nokia v OPPO & OnePlus [2022] EWHC 2814 (Pat) – Edward acted for Nokia, who were successful in the first UK trial of this multinational patent dispute. Nokia proved their EP560 LTE implementation patent […]

Advanced Bionics v MED-EL

Advanced Bionics v MED-EL Edward Cronan acted for Advanced Bionics in this medical industry claim for a DNI and for revocation of a patent relating to an MRI-compatible cochlear implant system. Led by […]

Nokia Technologies v OnePlus Technology

UK Patents Court: Overseas Defendants no exception to commitment to 12 month trial timetable In ongoing patent infringement proceedings between Nokia and the phone manufacturer Oppo the Patents Court has demonstrated that it […]

Urbanbubble Ltd & others v Urban Evolution

Urbanbubble Ltd & others v Urban Evolution Property Management Ltd & others [2022] EWHC 134 (IPEC). When consent precludes trade mark infringement: Amanda Michaels acted for the successful Defendants in an action for […]

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